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Death Waltz Recording Company Founder Spencer Hickman Joins Mondo to Manage the Industry Leading Soundtrack Labels


Austin, TX—September 16, 2014– Mondo is thrilled to announce the acquisition of elite UK soundtrack label Death Waltz Recording Company. Expanding their global reach for stunningly packaged and highly demanded soundtracks, Mondo and Death Waltz will converge to deliver an even greater offering for music aficionados and film fans alike. With over two decades of music industry experience, Death Waltz founder, Spencer Hickman, joins the Mondo team as Label Manager to lead both record labels in partnership with Mondo Creative Director, Justin Ismael.


Mondo’s acquisition will allow both labels to elevate and increase releases in addition to expanding access. Mondo and Death Waltz are building a unified release schedule for 2015 and are excited to showcase their existing projects this weekend at MondoCon in Austin, TX on September 20 and 21 at The Marchesa Hall & Theater.


Beginning with Maniac (1980) and The Beyond, Mondo signaled that it was eager to incorporate their love of art with deserving soundtracks on vinyl. They’ve continued that tradition with some of their biggest releases yet this year for scores like Jurassic Park andGravity, creating jaw-dropping packages from globally recognized artists like Jay Shaw, Jock, Phantom City Creative and Tyler Stout.


“We couldn’t be more excited to have Spencer join Mondo,”said Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael. “We’ve long been fans of what he’s been doing at Death Waltz and our minds are melting at the possibilities that this partnership will bring.”


The UK-based Death Waltz Recording Company shares an equal passion in its commitment to producing beautifully designed vinyl, working closely alongside legendary composers and directors such as John Carpenter, Richard Kelly, Alan Howarth and Fabio Frizzi to deliver brand new definitive audio re-masters for beloved cult classics like They Live, Godzilla and City of the Living Dead.


“I looked at what we’ve achieved independently and then I started thinking what we can do together. We aim to build a full service record label offering Vinyl, CD & Digital, Our goal is to make Mondo Music the “go-to” label for fans, filmmakers and composers alike,. After 25 years in the music industry, I don’t think I have been as excited as I am with this opportunity,” said Spencer Hickman.


Mondo has an amazing lineup of new vinyl releases and music-related events at MondoCon, a convention to celebrate the creators behind art, film, music and collectibles. The newly announced vinyl for the original score from Shaun of the Dead will be available for the first time in any format to celebrate the rom-zom-com’s 10th anniversary. Mondo is also releasing the soundtracks for Looper and Music For 2001: A Space Odyssey, which will have a panel event at the convention.


Death Waltz brings a one-of-a-kind event and vinyl release to MondoCon to celebrate their new sub label ‘Originals’ which is going to focus on promoting and exposing brand new artists with a newly composed re-score of horror masterpiece The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, performed live with a screening of the film. Death Waltz will have a booth on the exhibition floor where attendees can meet Spencer Hickman to discuss the future of the two labels; they’ll also have the second ‘Originals’ release which will be revealed at the event.


For more details on Mondo and Death Waltz records releases and music events at MondoCon and Mondo media requests:


PHONE:(310) 809-8882




Mondo is an art gallery and online store devoted to a passionate love of film, art, music and toys. The company has received global recognition for bringing art back to movie poster design and has emerged as one of the leading curators of classic and contemporary film soundtracks on vinyl. Utilizing the talents of world class artists and designers, Mondo produces limited edition, screen printed posters based on film, television and comic properties, working with the leading entertainment brands including DC Comics, HBO, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers as well as filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, Zack Snyder, Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright. Based in Austin, TX, Mondo operates out of a permanent gallery space, hosting regular exhibitions featuring a blend of breathtaking original artwork and limited edition screen prints. Mondo aspires to be a creative home for artists and designers to work and have their visions realized, whether through posters, gallery shows, vinyl, apparel or toys. Their first convention, MondoCon, is scheduled to coincide with Fantastic Fest in 2014. Mondo is also recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences with a full archive of film posters as part of their research library. The parent company of Mondo is Alamo Drafthouse.




Founded by Record Store Day UK coordinator and music industry veteran Spencer Hickman in 2011, Death Waltz Recording Company is a boutique soundtrack label releasing vinyl, CD & digital. Working closely alongside legendary composers and directors such as John Carpenter, David Lynch, Alan Howarth and Fabio Frizzi to deliver brand new definitive audio re-masters and sleeve notes, Death Waltz also commissions artwork from acclaimed artists including Dinos Chapman, Jay Shaw, Graham Humphreys & Candice Tripp to create exclusive artwork for each project.


Having been featured in magazines such as Spin, Mojo, Dazed & Confused, Vice & Wire magazine, its wide reach belies the preconceived notion that soundtrack labels are just for a niche audience, and with more titles being added all the time to its already impressive catalogue it has become the go-to company for composers and filmmakers alike who want their work released in the highest quality packages available.


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