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Beyond Fest was an utter success! There were some major highlights such as:

  • Umberto performing his score to Pieces LIVE!
  • Crowd reactions to A Field in England & The Borderlands! (did we mention mushroom chocolates somehow circulated thru the theater?)
  • Trick R Treat screening with cast & crew and major announcement of a sequel!

and that’s just the surface..

I know we have a ton of people to thank for their support including the AMAZING staff at the Egyptian Theater & Aero Theater. Without their staff we’d been screwed from the start, and we have to spotlight film programmer & overall nutcase Grant Moninger. This guy was a real defining role in the festival and without his help & madness we’d been lost. BIG thanks goes to Chris Parkes & the Amity team, Meltdown Comics for making us shirts, Trina Nicole for driving us around every fucking day and being super cool about it, record shops like Amoeba, the amazing folks at Permanent Records for being so kind, Mount Analog for the DJ gig, gifts and for just being one of thee best record shops in Los Angeles, Rendezvous for having Spencer come guest DJ and provide one of LA’s best kept secrets, the Donut Friend for making AMAZING sweets that we kept coming back for, Fangoria, Bloody-Disgusting, Shout Factory, Legendary Films, Legacy FX, Jumpcut Cafe, and most importantly all of our LA friends both old and new that we made over the course of the festival. You were all very awesome in supporting us with either rides around town, promotion via social media and text messages, paying to get in, tweeting your photos, we really fucking appreciated all your support. This is the reason why Beyond Fest will be back NEXT YEAR!


NOW, All of you have been asking ‘How can I get these tapes?’ Well, we have some LIMITED stock left on the stock for

  • A Field in England
  • Assault on Precinct 13
  • Halloween II
  • Halloween III

We will be announcing via Twitter & Facebook & Email blast in the new few days! Prices will vary and there are going to be ONE PER CUSTOMER & first come, first served.

Second, we have John Carpenter signed prints left over as well, these are very limited in number and will also be announced soon.

Last, Beyond Fest posters, I do believe there are some leftover prints that will be made available online, and we will announce where you can acquire one as soon as they are ready for order.

Please bear with us as we readjust back to the office & get our outstanding orders handled & sort out any delays in our upcoming titles. Assault was delayed and will ship sometime next month, along with Ms. 45 & New York Ripper accordingly. So please remember if you PRE-ORDERED they will ship as soon as we receive them! Please be patient! We want them just as bad as you do!

Any other order questions, please remember to message Alex at and include your order number.

Thank you!




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